I think my clock is broken.

It’s FRIDAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Today has been such a long day. That’s probably because most of my work is done and I’ve just been looking through old documents and files at work and correcting them/organizing them/playing candy crush – hehehe! I needed to step out and grab myself a pick-me-up! 🙂


I love my job, I really do – but sometimes I miss being in a more interactive workplace. My last job was absolutely toxic, but at least I got to socialize most of the day. Now I sit in an office and stare at a computer screen the majority of the day. My office is in the back corner, so nobody walks by (unless they are on their way to the bathroom), and my office is the only one without a window. This makes me sad. There is a smaller boardroom that has a window, and I’m secretly hoping it will be transformed into my new office in the next year or so *fingers crossed*

I always wanted to work in an office. I wanted to have my own desk that I could put my own pictures on (I have a beta fish instead because I never take pictures), a filing cabinet, need to sign a bunch of documents and make important phone calls. I guess I’m just not used to it. I worked for three years at a financial institution and I didn’t have my own space or tasks that were assigned to me specifically. I just waited for people to come ask me for some of their money – FUN TIMES!

I need to be more organized. For someone that is obsessed with daily planners, post it notes, and such…I’m not very organized. I buy all this stuff, but then I don’t use them. I just created a TO DO LIST template on my computer and put it in a work binder I have, and I’m hoping I’ll start using it. I spend hours making a planner for myself, and I think I wrote three things in it and now I have no idea where it is, since I moved. FAIL! I want to be one of those organized people. I am not the definition of organized. If you could see my work desk right now you’d see papers all over the place. That’s how I live – in pure chaos. I can only imagine how much more successful I’d be, at pretty much everything, if I was just more organized. I’d probably be more committed to getting my work done and not procrastinating, getting my workouts done and eating healthier, being more successful with my PartyLite business, etc. I at least should give it a try, right?

Happy weekend



4 thoughts on “I think my clock is broken.

  1. I worked for 3 years until this January in a room without a window. Sat opposite my office was Paul whom I envied because he had a skylight. He could tell if it was raining or not by the noise of the rain pelting against the skylight. If it was sunny a warm white glow descended from the skylight as it had long lost any transparency and had a faded worn look. In the main office 20 people sat in a room without windows. For a weather update they would examine the monitor which relayed pictures from a security camera at the main entrance. ” I see its snowing again” “Or there’s that temp again – still unable to put the key in the right way up”. Boy how we laughed. Not a lot happened in our office. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a happy ending as in February 14 I arrived in a top floor multiwindowed state of the art modern office. I am still taking the vitamin D tablets but have to wear sunglasses until my eyes adapt to daylight.

    • I miss daylight! At my other job I could see through half of a window and people came in everyday telling me how nice it was outside. Last summer we had rain almost every weekend. I got to experience very little gorgeous weather. I should really start taking vitamin D!

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