It’s Monday, again!

It’s raining outside – BOOO! *thumbs down*
It rained this weekend too, which is even worse. I want sunbathing weather, please 🙂

I haven’t written anything in FOREVER. I don’t mean on this blog, or other blogs, or facebook statuses or twitter updates. I mean, legit writing. I used to write all the time – about everything. If something happened to me I’d write it down. If I saw a movie or TV show that I felt had a good plot line or character base I’d write about it. If I saw a bird fly by the window, I would write about it!!! I’m not writing anymore. I can’t put my finger on why. Where has the motivation gone? This is yet another reason why I decided to go off my meds. I feel like it sucked the life out of me.

I miss being a passionate person. I used to have this amazing driving force behind everything I did, and now I’m just  blah. I don’t even get in arguments anymore – which is probably a good thing – but I miss being so passionate about something that I needed to get angry about it. It felt good to care so much about things.

I think I just need to start writing. Even if it is crap-tastic at first. I should go to the dollar store and buy a notebook (or use one of the 28377286876 ones I already have) and make a conscious effort to write something in it everyday. I used to want to be a writer so badly. Now, I’m just boring. I’m becoming normal or something – EWW.



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