I’ve created a monster


My boyfriend and I recently got a new puppy – her name is Keesha and she is adorable! She is a husky/german shepherd mix.
My other dog, Tucker (a 3 year old Yorkie) hates her. Hate might be a strong word to use here. Tucker has some issues with fear aggression, which have become more obvious now that we brought a new dog into the house. My boyfriend and I intended to take the greeting slowly, but things seemed to be going well, so we threw caution to the wind (BAD IDEA) and Keesha, being a puppy and all, wanted to play with Tucker. Tucker is 7 pounds, and Keesha is… well, bigger. This freaked Tucker out obviously and he became to growl, show his teeth, and nip. This is semi-inapporpriate behavior, since Keesha needs to learn not to bark in Tucker’s face, and learn proper play etiquette, Tucker needs to show her what isn’t acceptable (in a gentle way). Tucker is pretty possessive of his things, and of me. This was my fault of course. I didn’t do my best to socialize with him. I didn’t know many people with dogs, so he didn’t make many friends. My mother and I were also overwhelmed by his cuteness that we babied the hell out of him. We showed him affection for everything, whether he deserved it or not.

The other day I was teaching Keesha how to “lay down” and Tucker saw that I had a treat for Keesha – so he went to grab it, and so did Keesha and Tucker bit her face and wouldn’t let go. I screamed in horror and then started to cry (over emotional much?). For me this was traumatic. I’d never seen my dog be so vicious towards an animal before. I’ve seen him give warning bites, but this time he really wanted to hurt Keesha. Since then I’ve been trying to separate the two of them during play. I still walk them together, because they both walk really well with each other. I’m just lost for how to make Tucker realize that Keesha isn’t trying to hurt him, and that I will protect him from danger. I’ve been searching the web and am thinking about getting a private consult with a trainer – but I am really tight on funds right now. I’m hoping time and patience will help the situation. This is not something that can be fixed over night.

My boyfriend and I have also been watching a lot of Cesar Millan, and we are working towards dealing with smaller issues with the dogs as well, with lots of success. Using some of the techniques in Cesar’s show I am now able to clip Tucker’s nails with no issues, after having to fight with him to do it in the past. A lot of the techniques he uses are good to know, now that we have a puppy in the house. We can start Keesha off on the right track to success!